Web Hosting Features

Many hosting providers provide a long list of services which are actually unrelated to a webhosting account. We get down to the details providing you with relevant information to make an informed decision.

That's not to say all of our hosting packages don't come jam packed with a TON of featues, because they do! We just don't list standard features as free additions.

From MySQL databases to PHP. The ability to run custom CGI applications, custom .htaccess files, password protected directories, manage SSL certificates, view web stats. It's all there and more... We also allow you to host multiple websites under one account! (excluding the mini)

Each of our packages are easily customizable, upgrade from package to package, or beyond our premium. It's up to you - we offer the packages most suited for the majority of webhosting.

Need a feature and unsure if it's offered?
Just Ask us. We include all standard technologies and features for webhosting. There are only a few non typical technologies we don't implement for various security and resource reasons.